Friday 23 June 2017

New websites assist schools to respond to bullying and other challenging behaviours

Two new websites have recently been launched to assist schools to create safe and caring learning environments that deter bullying. The two new websites are Wellbeing@School and PB4L Online.
Learner and staff surveys and self-review tools
The Wellbeing@School website hosts learner and staff surveys and self-review tools (for years 5-13). Schools can discover from their staff and learners where the school does well in promoting a safe and caring climate and where they could be doing better. Schools can download surveys and the website will analyse their data and provide them with a confidential report of the findings. They can then use this report to come up with a plan to build on what they do well, and address what could be improved.
The website is hosted independently by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research. After 6-12 months, the Ministry of Education will aggregate all the data to see if there are any national trends that schools need support with. But the data of individual schools will not be available to the Ministry unless a school makes it available themselves.

Practical ideas and tips
PB4LOnline provides practical ideas and tips for responding to challenging behaviour and for creating environments that encourage positive behaviours in children and young people. The site provides information for educators from early childhood through to secondary school. It brings together in one place, in a New Zealand context, the best evidence about behaviour, common practices and practical tips and tools. It supports schools to work with individual learners, but also to make changes to the classroom and whole-school environment.
Wellbeing@School and PB4LOnline are both initiatives supported through the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Action Plan. PB4L is funded by the government and provides programmes and initiatives for parents, teachers and schools across the country to help develop safe and caring environments where positive behaviour and learning thrive.
What schools can find on the Wellbeing@School website:
  • A five-step self-review process with ideas about what to do at each step,
  • Downloadable or online learner and staff surveys,
  • Confidential reports that analyse a school’s data and highlight areas a school could address,
  • Strategies for the different areas that a survey indicates could be addressed,
  • Support information, related articles, links and programmes.

What educators can find on PB4L Online
  • Individual, classroom, early childhood centre and whole school approaches for creating a climate where positive behaviour and learning flourish,
  • Ways to address bullying behaviours,
  • How to help children and young people feel safe and secure, and how to defuse a situation,
  • Training and programmes available to educators and parents,
  • Services and support available through the Ministry of Education.

PB4L Online: