Friday 23 June 2017

How to submit a vacancy

Read this before you complete the Submit a vacancy form. It gives details on how to complete the form.

Education providers use the submit vacancy online form.

Vacancy descriptions must be under 55 words for each job title. However, if the position is in a special character school (tagged) or the description is in Māori the limit is 70 words.

The word count does not include application and contact details.

How it works

Please fill in all boxes on the ‘Submit vacancy’ page, then click ‘Preview vacancy’. If all details are correct, click ‘Submit vacancy’

Include the authorising person’s name and daytime phone number because the vacancy can’t be accepted without it.

Vacancies will appear on the Education Gazette website within two working days, and in the print Education Gazette on the date/s specified.

See full listings for closing dates. If no date is specified, the closing date for vacancies published in each print edition will be 14 days from date of publication. For further information also refer to

Use the ‘Special information’ box to communicate with Education Gazette staff. It will not show in your advertisement.

Mātaraunga Māori

Use the Mātaraunga Māori section if you are a kura kaupapa Māori or school advertising management or teaching positions that are Māori medium or have a strong emphasis on teaching in te reo or tikanga Māori. Schools with strong kaupapa Māori can use this section for English-medium positions.

Vacancies in Māori have a 70 word limit, and contact details are not included in the word count.

Integrated schools

Location is indicated on the title line for integrated schools, because of large numbers of similarly named schools.

For 'tagged' positions where special requirements must be stated, the maximum word limit is 70 words per position, but schools are encouraged to be as succinct as possible. Integrated advertisements not stating a tag should observe the usual 55 word limit (and contact details are not included in the word count).

Principals Recruitment Allowance

For permanent principal vacancies where a Principals Recruitment Allowance applies, the following wording will be added to your listing. This will not affect the standard 55 word limit (taking the total to 70 words): “A successful applicant may be eligible for the Principal Recruitment Allowance of up to $50,000.”

School types

School types are indicated by a letter code on the title line. State schools are uncoded. These letter codes are: (A) Area schools; (I) Integrated schools; (I, A) Integrated Area schools; (R) Registered Private (Independent) schools. (PRA) Principals Recruitment Allowance schools.


We use these abbreviations in vacancy adverts in Education Gazette.

0.2 Equivalent to one full day's work
BOT Board of trustees
FTTE Full-time teacher equivalent
HOD/HOF Head of department/Head of faculty
LTR Long-term relieving
MU Management unit
RTLB Resource teacher of learning and behaviour
Base Scale A full-time teaching position with no additional responsibilities (previously Scale A)
SDA Special duties allowances
SIA Staffing incentive allowance
U Principal's grade for different roll ranges (e.g. U1 = principal grade 1-50)
Y Year (e.g. Y4 = Year 4 students).