Friday 23 June 2017

How to submit a PLD notice

When submitting your PLD notice, enter each course separately with one sentence for the course description and one sentence for course facilitator information.

If your notice is for a degree, include the study programme name, but not the courses that make up that programme.

Filling in the form

  • You can only post a PLD notice once each school term.
  • Select ‘By arrangement’ if your course is taking place at any time, and/or nationally or on request.
  • For courses that take place in more than one region and/or date, type each venue or location and separate them with a semi-colon.
  • Content in the ‘Special instructions’ box will not appear with your notice. Use it to communicate with Education Gazette staff.

How your notice is published

  • The ‘Course provider’ appears as your notice heading in print and online.
  • The ‘Course title’ appears as a heading in the printed Education Gazette. Your full notice is published on the Education Gazette website.
  • PLD notices are searchable by topic.
  • Fill in this form to publish a PLD notice.