Friday 23 June 2017


Accessibility features of this site. Instructions on how to use these features are:

  • Internet Explorer users, press Alt+[access key]+Enter
  • Firefox users, press Alt+Shift+[access key]

Accessibility keys

Access key Function
0 Navigate to ‘Access keys’ on ‘Accessibility’ page.
1 Navigate to ‘Home’ page.
2 Navigate to ‘Sitemap’ page
3 Bypass the main navigation and jump to the ‘Search box’ on the current page
4 Navigate to ‘About this site’ page.
5 Navigate to ‘Education sector’ landing page
6 Navigate to ‘The Ministry’ landing page
7 Navigate to ‘Current vacancies’ page
8 Navigate to ‘Legal and privacy’ page
9 Navigate to ‘Contact us’ page.
[ Go to main content of page. This will move the focus to the #top link and is equivalent to clicking the top link in the footer
/ Navigate to NZGO - New Zealand Government website